Content Restoration:  A Personal Aproach
What makes a house a home?
Aside from cherished memories of family gatherings or game nights with friends, irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, priceless artwork (by your child or favorite artist), meaningful furniture, and countless pictures of family and friends bring personal value to our living space.
Unfortunately that means when a disaster strikes, regardless of whether itís a house fire, flood, or mold infestation, chances are high that the contents in your home will be involved in the loss.
The chain of events following a disaster..
To make sure we are all on the same page, hereís a scenario for those of you who have never experienced something like this before:
Letís say you have returned from vacation and all you want to do is go home and get a good nightís rest. However, upon arriving at your residence youíre not greeted by your loving Golden Retriever, but 3Ē of standing water that was let in by a leaky roof during a recent thunderstorm instead.
Suddenly you may find yourself standing there in shock, wondering what couldíve caused all this damage (you may not have been aware of the roof leak).
Once the initial shock has worn off, you may experience a panic phase or switch straight to the ďget this water out of my houseĒ phase, which will likely involve pushing water out of the house or grabbing items that carry a sentimental value.
After things have settled down and youíve already made a call to ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva, you may find yourself thinking, ďOh no! What about my pictures, my motherís wedding dress, and my antiques!?Ē
Such questions may stem from the fact that when you think of a restoration company like ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva, you donít think they can help you when it comes to restoring your belongings. Youíll be pleased to know that we can.
Itís not just water damaged items, we can restore fire damaged contents too!
Recently  ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva was responding to a homes  suffering from a fire Losses  which, as you can imagine, claimed a lot of precious items belonging to the homeowners.
While most people would take one look at the valued items, say they were totaled and want to throw them away, these homeowners saw them as precious memories.
At one residence that we recently did a fire cleaning for, highly-valued items like a wedding dress, photos, and family heirlooms were all affected by the blaze. The couple had been together for years and were distraught by the idea that they would never see these items again, let alone have the opportunity to pass them along to their children and grandchildren.
When we started this job, we had warned the homeowners that we may not be able to restore all of their important items, but we would give it our best effort. However, after countless man hours and dedication that we poured into the job, the items were returned to the owners in tip-top shape!
Thankfully the combined forces of third-party companies and our excellent Contents Crew was enough to sift through everything and allocate the required amount of time and effort to not only restore the coupleís precious keepsakes, but their peace of mind as well.
It served as a shining example how our contents crew doesnít just pack up and store your things, but spend time cleaning each item to bring it back to itís pre-loss condition
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