Electronic Equipment Restoration
High-tech electronic equipment can be restored after water, smoke or fire damage. In fact, the vast majority of all equipment exposed to even a heavy amount of smoke can be functionally restored. Of that total, only a small percentage will be cosmetically unacceptable.
Timely cleaning and dehumidification of your building after a water loss greatly reduces the risk of corrosion to your computers, operating systems and utility systems, along with any other electronic equipment you may have on-site. And cleaning and restoration of the electronic equipment prevents ongoing damage. ServiceMaster will coordinate the preservation of your electronic equipment, computers and operating systems by providing highly trained technicians to examine, restore and clean these highly sensitive items.
There are several reasons why high-tech electronic equipment restoration can be a more economically sound choice than replacement.
  The price of new equipment.
  Equipment with memory features can often be restored without memory interruption.
  Since the percentage of data recovery can be very high, less business interruption (and related liability) occurs; the insured experiences less stress.
Emergency Treatment Measures
The key to successful corrosion control is quick action on the part of experienced corrosion control techniques.
  The equipment is opened and lubricated
  Any visible water is carefully extracted
  The equipment is then “baked” in a heat-controlled chamber. This forces the evaporation of any remaining moisture
  The equipment is then re-lubricated as required until restoration is complete. This “holds” the equipment in its present condition and prevents further deterioration.
Disassembly of equipment for restoration may be conducted exclusively by ServiceMaster Restoration Servicestechniques or, if required for re-certification purposes, under the supervision of the manufacturer. During disassembly ourtechnicians entirely “map” the wiring for later assembly.
Various cleaning solvents are used in high-tech electronic restoration depending on the type of material to be cleaned. Careful selection of solvents is critical; some solvents, incorrectly used, can cause even more damage!
Electronic Report
A ServiceMaster Restoration Services Electronics Report is completed for each piece of equipment restored. The report provides the technician’s name, the date the restoration occurred and the detailed description of the work performed. The equipment is then performance tested and determined read for re-certification by the manufacturer’s representative and/or delivered to the insured who can then anticipate many years of reliable service.
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