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Trauma, Crime Scene and
Vandalism Clean-Up

Trauma Restoration is a specialized service of ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Generva and includes cleanup of blood borne pathogen and biohazard materials.
Our technicians in this field have received specialized training, preparation and equipment. We are prepared to restore, remove and/or dispose of all contaminated content and structural materials in these cases.
Often times these situations are confidential and highly sensitive. Our technicians are capable of providing all of the necessary and appropriate assistance to clients during these times of distress.

Trauma Restoration may include:
Crime Scene Cleanup
Cleaning and Sanitizing of Law Enforcement Vehicles
Undetected Death Scene Cleanup
Suicide Cleanup and Sanitizing
Vandalism Sites - Including Board Up Services
Biohazard Spills or Leakage
Commercial Project Management Certification
We realize that emotions run deep during the aftermath of a death due to some type of trauma. Trauma restoration often requires specialized care with competence and sensitivity.
What you can expect from us:
Approach every loss with care and empathy
Maintain discression regarding the occurrence to protected your privacy.
Restore property and structure to a pre-incident condition.

ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva  understands that these types of situations can be difficult to cope with, that is why our priority is to not only be professional, but respectful of the families involved.

Following a traumatic occurrence, it is necessary to:
Safely clean all affected areas of a home or commercial property with a biocidal agent.
Our technicians will be suited in PPE (personal protective equipment) while they handle this cleaning and take care of the removal and proper disposal of contaminated items.
Any remaining odors can be eliminated with the use of air scrubber unit(s) equipped with advanced nano-filter technology and odor control .
In cases of vandalism or break-in, ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva also  provides debris clean-up and contents restoration, where needed.
Photo documentation of affected areas is also provided upon request.
Certified and Trained for Trauma Cleaning:
Federal law stipulates that bio-cleaning technicians must be trained to remove all signs of biological contamination.
Our experts are certified to remediate blood-borne pathogens
We properly utilize protective gear.
We are equipped to handle and dispose of all biological materials
ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva provides you with a cleaning service that meets all health department and OSHA regulations.
ServiceMaster Restore Lake Country
Full Service Project Management.

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