Water Damage
is one of the most common disaster occurrences. Water spreads fast and can cause overwhelming damage to the personal property as well as structure of the building itself.

If not addressed immediately, mold and mildew growth can start within the first 24 to 48 hours of initial exposure.

Our nationally certified technicians and project coordinators can dramatically reduce the amount of damage caused by water.

This is accomplished through immediate emergency extraction and implementation of the appropriate drying and dehumidification equipment.

With consistent moisture monitoring throughout the entire drying phase and using our proprietary anti-microbial and sanitizing products, our technicians surpass even the highest industry standards.

If further repairs are needed, ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva, can perform any reconstruction services needed, offering a full one-stop-shop restoration solution.

Whether it's just the corner of a basement or an entire commercial building, ServiceMaster Restoration of Lake Geneva Cleaning and Restoration can reduce the costs associated with water damage to structures and personal property time and time again.
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