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WCO Wildlife Control Operator
Wildlife Animal Nuisence Control Services
   * National Wildlife Control Operators Association - Member
   * State of Wisconsin Liscensed and Certified.
Comming Summer of 2019
Raccoon Trapping / Raccoon Removal / Raccoon Latrine Clean-Up
* According to the CDC,
   Raccoons are the most-reported wildlife species with rabies.

* We provide professional post removal clean-up for Raccoon latrines including:   
   Raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis), Giardia and Leptospirosis,  
   Mites, Fleas, Ticks.
Bat Removal / Bat Control - Humane Exclusion / Bat Clean-Up
* Rabies is perhaps the most well known disease associated with bats.

* Bat Guano ( droppings) harbor diseases like Histoplasmosis, this disease
   primarily affects the lungs of Humans. Occasionally, other organs are affected.
   When this happens it can be fatal if untreated.

Bat Ectoparasites include fleas, flies, bugs, chiggers, ticks, and mites.:
* Bat Bugs ( AKA Bat Mite-Chirptonyssus robustipes) and bed bugs are
   extremely similar, they look exactly the same and both crawl, feed,
   and reproduce in the same ways. Bat bugs are drawn to the heat
   and the carbon monoxide that humans produce.

* Bat Lice (Hippoboscoidea)
* Bat Ticks (Carios [formerly Ornithodoros] kelleyi)
* Bat Flea (Siphonaptera: Ischnopsyllidae)

Start-to-Finish Services

We are your one stop shop from start to finish.

* OurServices dont stop with just the capture or exclusion of animals.
* We work to properly clean effected areas and restore your home
    to a pre-loss condition.Protecting your investment and it's resale value.

* Our services may even be covered by your homeowners insurance.

* We have years of experience dealing with BioHazard, Trauma, and Sewage,  
   Water, Mold and Fire losses.

* We bring that expertise to properly and safely clean up the hazzards
   of animal destruction and any lingering secondairy damage.
Comming Summer of 2019
ServiceMaster Residential Wildlife Control Services
Wildlife nuisence services.

Call us toll free at : ( 855 ) 365-8494 or for non-emergency inquiries,
...or contact us by email at  MGR_sm8494@hotmail.com